BEAUTY BULLETIN Have you Wondered…

Have you been asked about these most used, yet misunderstood cosmetic ingredients?
The Skinny On:
Witch Hazel  gets a lot of bad press, the truth is Witch Hazel is used in skin care formulations to encourage the prevention of cracked skin, oily skin, sun damaged skin, to reduce redness, acne and allergic reactions appearing on the skin.
Premiere’s:  Freshening Rinse

Jojoba Oil.  A natural Moisturizer used in skin care formulas that target skin, face, feet, hands and body. This Oil, highly refined has been known to reduce the effects of sunburn and is used in products to help treat acne.
Premiere’s: Impact Men’s Line.  Facial Scrub

Beeswax a natural porous humectant that creates a breathable protective barrier on the skin to help hold moisture in and reduce redness. Great when combined with Shea Butter in lip conditioning formulas.
Premiere’s. Perfection Lip Crème

The outermost layer of your skin known as your skin barrier, defends your body against the onslaught of environmental threats, while simultaneously protecting your body’s Critical water balance. What to do.

Consistent use of   Premiere Collection products which contain Lipids, Ceramides and Nutra Peptides.

Premiere’s Night Emollient and Perfection Lip Creme containing a very high % of Safflower Oil, a rich source of Ceramides (78%) ceramide. Perfection Lip Creme also Contains multiple Nutra Peptides.

Winter is great time to purchase and use Premiere’s Cell Therapy Mist Plus for your body. Powered by Hyaluronic Acid and Engineered (acidic) water to reach the deepest outermost protective layer of the skin

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Beauty Bullets from the desk of Colleen Moon, President & Formulator of Premiere Cosmetics

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