Beauty Bulletin

One of the oldest ingredients used in some of the newest and most innovative Skin Care products is Panthenol.  Panthenol plays an amazing role within the skin.

Did you know for example…

1) it behaves as a humectant holding moisture within the skin

2) an effective Emollient softening skin, increasing skins ability to absorb other Vital ingredients.

3) great for Soothing red irritated skin

4) improves the natural skin barrier function.
(protection from dehydration)

5) applied to the skin Panthenol converts to Pantothoenic Acid- the Natural makeup of hair and skin.

6) Essential for epithelial function, cell rejuvenation and promotes normal skin Kerantinisation.

Some of the Premiere Collection proprietary custom skin care formulas that contain Panthenol are:

·   ·     Men’s Priority AM Moisturizer

·     Revitalizing Moisture Mask

·     Hydragen

·     Neck & Décolleté’

Panthenol is a Vitamin B5 derivative, reduces skin dehydration, is healing, revitalizing, reduces water loss, improves skin roughness and inflammation.

Not bad for an Old Guy!

Next week one of the newest Amazing  ingredients used in skin care products today. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP) Vitamin C.