Casual Elegance For Men

imagesToday’s Feature: Casual Elegance For Men

The invitation reads Holiday Open House casual. Women aren’t the only ones who wonder what to wear. Many men, are comfortable putting together their business clothes, but find the dressed up but casual look a mystery to achieve.

Creating casual elegance the It’s Your Image way is easy! The results are conservative and classic.

Here’s how: LOOK #1

  • Put together an all-one-color look (a base) by matching slacks and shirt/sweater
  • Add a jacket, cardigan or pullover sweater (All colors do not have to be perfect matches, just close enough to give the appearance of being an all one-color look)
  • Match belt and socks to base or shoe color
  • Match shoes to base, jacket/sweater, if you wish, and/or a tie (these areoptions) LOOK #2
  • Create a semi-base — with this look the shirt/sweater and the jacket are the same color. i.e. Black Cashmere Turtle Neck Sweater and a Black Sports Coat (leather jacket without a lot of metal looks wonderful!)
  • Wear with jeans, (starched with a crease)! Medium or dark jeans give a more dressy look.
  • If jeans aren’t the look you want, try a pair of slacks in the darkest of your skin color.
  • Black loafers or lace ups.
  • Black socks & belt.
  • If your coloring is delicate (i.e. Gentle color types) then use navy in placeof black.
    Casual elegance! So easy!