5 Categories of Key Skin Care Ingredients

If we want to see the best results from the products we use they should contain these Categories for daily use.

Category 1 : Vitamins

Vitamin C – has amazing natural environmental protectors, Vitamin C is considered the best of all antioxidants.  Some of the Premiere products that contain the most purest form, and the largest percentages of Vitamin C are: HYDRAGEN, CELAGEN, SFS, N&D, CELL THERAPY MIST PLUS.  Premiere’s Cell Therapy Plus also contains small vacuoles of Fresh Cells of super potent forms of antioxidants (from the darkest fruits). No preservatives.  When these vacuoles burst onto the skin, the enzymes in the skin receive the Vitamins directly.

Category 2 : Peptides = Proteins.

Proteins mimic the cell structure.  So they are building blocks to strengthen & repair. There are many difmoleküleferent peptides; most are combinations of tri-peptides 5 or 7, or some combination.   There is not any other ingredient to date that mimic proteins.  They actual repairing the damage to the cell, and build stronger cells.  Now, no ingredient is effective alone without combining it with compatible ingredient.  So it is about the formula as much as it is about the ingredient. Just like there isn’t one healthy food to eat or supplement to take, there isn’t one best, does-it-all ingredient or group of ingredients. Skin is the most complex organ of the human body, so its needs cannot possibly come down to what a single peptide or blend of peptides can do. Using products with a cocktail of great ingredients (plus daily sun protection) is the best thing you can do for the health and appearance of your skin!  Premiere formulas containing great ingredients PLUS Peptides: DELICATE FIRMING EYE GEL, ALPHAGEN & PERFECTION LIP CRÈME.  


Category 3 : HA (Hyaluronic Acid)

HA image HA is to date the only moisturizing ingredient that will absorb 1000 x its weight per molecule in water brought to your skin and offer 400% more retention than any other moisturizing ingredient.  You should have HA in at least 2 products that you use daily. Depending on skin type, HA as an ingredient should be in at least 2 daily use products. it is pivotal in maintaining moisture within their skin.  In addition HA, the body manufactures HA and so it is skin friendly ingredient.  The skin will accept it and the skin will absorb it more readily.  Enzymes in the body recognize HA as a friendly ingredient and will be more beneficial.  Premiere Products containing HA :  HYDRAGEN, CELAGEN, ALPHAGEN, WHIPPED FOUNDATION, VSEC,LIP CREAM, CELL THERAPY PLUS, COMPLEXION CORRECTION (CC) FACE SERUM & CC INTELLIGENT MOISTURE.   Our formulas have more than 1% of the ingredient deck.  This is very unusual in this industry.  Because it is very costly and most companies cut corners here.

Category 4 : Synthenol A

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When we as consumers buy products that contain any of these categories, and you are using it daily but are not seeing performance, then the products formula is lacking the correct boosting ingredient to bring the benefits to the skin.   Premiere Cosmetics uses Gold Standard ingredients that are combined with boosting agents to insure that formula will have the necessary transfer of ingredients to effectively show results on the skin.