Most Frequently Asked Questions

Complexion Correction Face Serum
w/ Sytenol®-A

Question. What is The Difference between Premiere’s Essential Skin Care products and CCFS?

Answer.  Essential Care works from the top down; Cleansers, Fresheners, Rinse, Toner, Moisturizer, Mask and Eye Care. These necessary products and their unique ingredients
are chosen and formulated to have a positive effect on surface layers of skin which are already showing age because of a variety of accumulated damage. Premiere Essential products assist skin in its ability to cleanse, exfoliate, soften and moisturize, improving the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, rough skin and radiance. The benefits of Premiere Essential care products and their Ingredients are formulated for a daily regimen needed to Improve after the fact damage.

Complexion Correction Face Serum with Sytenol®-A
A Game Changer!
Pre-Treatment: A New Category of Skin Care

Pre-Treating skin with CCFS opens channels and pathways of penetration. It works up from the lower levels of skin on the newest, healthiest of cells strengthening skin cells, offering Restorative, Re-texturing, Defense Boosting benefits. (Preventative)

Question.  Does Complexion Correction Face Serum replace any Premiere Essential Skin Care Product?
Answer.    No CCFS ingredient Sytenol®-A, ” The True Bakuchiol” by Sytheon LTD., stands alone as clinical test results show. The Ayurvedic Origin, 98-99% Pure Plant Based Golden Seed, “The True Alternative to Retinol,” is a Preventative step, interrupting the synthesis of damage and directly addressing those definite and identifiable causes of aging before they take their victims.

Question.  What is Sytenol®-A,” The True Bakuchiol” by Sytheon LTD.
Answer.  Based on Clinical results 98-99% Pure, plant -derived *phytochemical that is known to have Retinol – like effects in vitro and is better tolerated than Retinols. Tests confirm fewer side effects with an excellent safety profile. Its Benefits include: Broad Spectrum Protection against Oxidative Stress, Inflammatory Stress (induced aging).
Outstanding Results Clinical Studies support — for Deep Wrinkles, Roughness, Redness, RESULTS A 50-90%
decline in Roughness and Dryness and a 20-21% decline in Wrinkle Depth at 12 weeks.

For Acne a 60% reduction in Comedones after 6 weeks.
Stimulates Collagen, improved skin Firmness and Elasticity by 150% @6-8-12 weeks.
*Pigmentation — Clinical results reveal a 59% of Participants had

Question.  Can Complexion Correction Face Serum be used Alone as the only form of Skin Care and or with other Cosmetic Brands?
Answer. Based on Trials Yes, CCFS can be used Alone or Combined with Product other than Premiere Collection. The Clinical tests on Sytenol A were conducted on individuals using No Other Skin Care. No Moisture, No Sun Block, No Lipids, No Masks.
!! Complete Cosmetics Inc. recommends for Flawless Age Defying results, to daily Pre-Treat Skin with CCFS combined with daily, use of Premiere Essential Skin Care. Exfoliate, Cleanse, Rinse, Hydrate, Moisturize and Protect.

Question.  When to Apply CCFS.
Answer.  Apply 1-2 drops of serum Morning and Night.

Question.  In what order? 
Answer. On a Clean/Dry skin. Before any Moisturizer or Serum.
On a Premiere Skin use (after Cleansing or Masking, Rinsing, Hydrating) Before Serums and or Moisturizers.

Question.  How to apply
Answer.  Use the back of the hand as a palate for 1-2 drops of CCFS. Use fingertips to blend upward onto the Neck, Face and around eye following the orbital bone. LESS IS MORE. Quick absorption is important!  Whatever remains on the hand blend onto the back of the opposite hand. Hands Need this Preventative Treatment Also!

Question.  Do All Skin Types Need Complexion Correction Face Serum with Sytenol®-A? 
Answer.  Yes. Based on Clinical Results this ingredient has Broad Spectrum benefits for All Types of Skin.

Question. Is Sytenol®-A Retin A or Retinol?
Answer.  NO.  Based on Clinical results It acts like, has the benefits of, Retinols with an excellent Safety Profile and none of the ‘USE’ restrictions of the Retinols.

Question.  What Age should use Complexion Correction Face Serum.
Answer.  Clinical Results on the Ingredient Sytenol®-A. Reveal Participants in the tests were 40-60 years of age. They were restricted from using Moisturizers, Sun Block basically Nothing! Yet, Look at the results. The reason for choosing that age group with uncared for skin was to create the worst skin condition scenario to test the effectiveness of “The True Bakuchiol” in each of the situations.

What is a *Phytochemical?
Answer.  They are chemicals of Plant Origin. Phytochemical’s
(from the Greek Phyto, meaning plant) They generally have a part in plant growth and/or defense against pathogens, predators or competitors.
!! Personal Note from Deborah:
Complexion Correction Face Serum with Sytenol A should be added to a Premiere Collection Essential Skin Care regimen, used to Pre-Treat Women and Men’s skin beginning no later than 25 years of age.
It is always Complete Cosmetic Inc. recommendation that Clients are advised about their Personal Skin Care Regimens, after a consultation and on a case by case basis.