Too-Many-ShoesI read recently that the average female traveler packs 5 pairs of shoes! Guess that explains that.
Smart tip: Hair color and skin color are the most versatile shoe colors.
This concept is about shoes that go with YOU not your outfits. The two colors that are a part of every outfit you wear are your hair and your skin colors. If your outfits go with YOU, and the shoes go with you, the shoes should also go with the outfits. YOU are the common denominator.
Packing early is insurance that you will get to your destination with what you actually need. The ideal situation is to designate a separate rack and area to lay out all of your prospective suitcase contents days in advance. It is astonishing how you will mentally go over the items thinking of things you left out. And it is so much better to think of these things while you are driving home from the supermarket, than driving en route to the airport. The idea here is not to add more and more items, but to delete unneeded items as well.