Complexion Correction Series (Set of 2)


Anti-Aging Possibilities now a Reality!  

Premiere Collection Skin Care celebrates 1 fabulous year of these unique formulas, industry leading ingredients and amazing Clients 5 Star Rating Serum’s.   Complexion Correction Face Serum and Eye & Lip Caviar has become the go to serum for Anti-Aging, Skin Defense Boosting Properties, that Improves certain forms of Hyper-pigmentation and Acne.



Set of 2: Face Serum & Eye & Lip Caviar

Complexion Correction Serums (Sytenol®-A) the  “True Bakuchiol”  Anti-Aging Possibilities now a Reality

Reverse signs of aging, protects skin from further damage, offers skin defense boosting properties, improves forms of hyper-pigmentation, acne. Clinical’s prove (Sytenol®-A) is—anti-aging, anti-acne, provides protection against oxidative stress,  inflammatory stress, works wonders on various types of brown spots.

Listen to The experts
UC Davis study comparing (Sytenol®-A) vs Retinol states,  “each significantly decreased wrinkle surface area, with No statistical difference between the Retinol and (Sytenol®-A). With (Sytenol®-A.) having a much better safety profile.” New York Magazine quotes “Dr. Raja Sivamani MD Clinical dermatologist at UC Davis who led a recent study comparing (Sytenol®-A.) and Retinol,

Do your Research

I know many of you have “inquiring minds” and I encourage you to do a little research on Retinol and/or Retin A.  This is the product that has been around for years that has required a doctor’s prescription for the “super” Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne, and protection against oxidative stress, etc.  Google the Benefits of the Retinols and the Negatives.  As you may know the negatives are MANY, and there are always so many precautions the doctors take and advise their patients to follow.

This new ingredient Sytenol®-A that is the active ingredient in our newest product Premiere’s Complexion Correction Face Serum with (Sytenol®-A) has all of the benefits of the Retinol’s and none of the negatives!

PLUS! We have the Clinical Reports to support this research!

Your Premiere Collection Skin Specialist to learn more about the latest, far reaching, scientific innovation in Skin Care. Premiere’s Complexion Correction Face Serum with (Sytenol®-A) is Exclusive to Complete Cosmetics Inc.& to the experts and stores that carry Premiere Collection Skin Care products. It is the Ultimate Pre-Treatment product to use on your skin. Use alone or combined with your daily Premiere Essential regimen, CC Face Serum produces Restorative, Defense Boosting results. It Re-texturizes with Brighter skin results, revealing a more youthful appearance to your skin.



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Weight 10 oz