Complexion Correction EYE & LIP CAVIAR


Premiere Collection Eye & Lip Caviar with Sytenol ®A

Combining Hyaluronic Acid: the Ultimate “Moisture Magnet” with Rich Ayurovedic botanicals, essential Vitamins C, B3, Peptides and the Star ingredient of Premiere Collections, Complexion Correction Product series for the over 40 skin “True Bakuchiol” Sytenol ®A.  

This Therapeutic has been clinically proven to restore skin tone, retexture skin roughness and significantly improve wrinkle depth.

Watch for firmness and dramatic lift. Side by Side Clinical Research results prove it to be The True Alternative to Retinol!




Eye & Lip Caviar is the latest product in Premiere’s Complexion Correction Series for the Over 40 Skin!  Great used alone and always better layered with Eye Gel for Day and/or with Very Special Eye Crème for bedtime.

FACT: Did you know?  There is a 1% per year reduction in the tissue production of Elastin,  Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.  At age 40, the loss which begins at 20, represents a substantial change that goes unnoticed in the skins infrastructure until it suddenly shows’ itself at about age 40!

Premiere’s Eye & Lip Caviar with (Syntenol A) works at the very deepest layers of the skin, a clear pathway is important to achieving maximum benefits.  Lifting and Firming, cumulative benefits, restores collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

How Do I apply Premiere’s Lip and Eye Caviar?

Instructions:  Be consistent. Use twice daily on dry skin before serums and or moisturizers.


Lip — Apply a tiny pearl size dot onto your fingertip, blend gently in a circular pattern around your mouth. The formula Absorbs Quickly.

Eye – Apply a second tiny pearl size dot on the cheekbone beneath each eye. Follow the orbital bone gently patting along the bone up onto your temple onto the eye bone.

**Premiere Collection Eye & Lip Caviar absorbs quickly. Do not overuse or over blend!

**Use on a clean dry skin.



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Weight 3 oz