Corporate Image Consulting

Do you want to see your career path accelerate and create an image that is a good reflection of the company you represent? It’s Your Image offers individuals and corporations a system that improves the impression your company presents to the public by fine tuning your Corporate Image.

As a successful image consultant at It’s Your Image, I specialize in providing two types of solutions for my clients: corporate and personal. To succeed in the business world, it is important to dress and act in a way that inspires trust and encourages people to gravitate towards you.

One of the most important corporate image topics I teach is business and corporate etiquette. In addition to explaining corporate rules of introductions, I can show you strategies for using body language and other techniques to hold successful business meetings.

The Corporate Image Development Package (CID) package is an investment in your professional image and presentation that pays for itself by building confidence and self-esteem.

Serving the Houston, TX metro area and beyond!
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The Personal Color Chart

SESSION 1 – The Personal Color 1 Chart® 

During your Color 1® consultation you will learn the secrets of using the full spectrum of colors to enhance your natural coloring. You will learn to dress with your own sense of individual style by understanding your individual color-type look.

You discover the best shades, values, and intensities of color that blend or contrast perfectly with your own body colors, and then how to combining them in just the right way.

Not only will you discover your uniquely individual colors, but you will be shown your best print sizes, best fabrics and guides to selecting your best accessories as well as best choices for hair color changes.

Specific information on Hair Color and Style is given along with an on-the-spot wardrobe critique.

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Contact It’s Your Image for more information on package prices or to schedule an appointment. (281) 578-5918

Business & Corporate Etiquette

SESSION 2 – Business & Corporate Etiquette

The Rules of Business & Corporate Etiquette are different from Social Etiquette. Do Your Employees Measure Up? How do you want to be perceived, how do others perceive you?

Introductions  – Get off to the right start with the basic knowledge of the corporate rules of introductions.  Topics covered include introductions at business functions, introducing yourself and how to respond to introductions. We will also cover the greetings, upstanding and the hand shake, all vital elements of a polished corporate etiquette style.

Taking an Objective Look at Your Professional Portrait –   Take a close look at your first impression and how to perfect your professional presence and be a positive representative of your company.

Strategies for Successful Business Meetings – Many of us go into meetings and are not fully prepared and make the wrong impression by what we don’t say and the gestures we unknowingly make. We will take a critical look at meeting etiquette and body language that speaks volumes in a high stress situation.

The Business Meal – Appearance counts at the table just as it does in the boardroom. Learn the pitfalls to avoid when conducting a business meal and how to smoothly combine a business agenda with the consumption of food.

Estimated Time:  1 hour

add employees who conduct meeting over a meal.

Professional Wardrobe Planning

SESSION 3 – Professional Wardrobe Planning

Gain an “Edge” by defining  your Personal & Professional Style and perfecting your Image.

Make an Impact. Get the most from your 30 second first impression of your Image statement.

Small Details with Big Impact

Identify Image Destroyers. Identify common mistakes and learn steps to correct them.

Color Power. It’s your most important accessory.

Suiting up for Perfection. What does the perfect suit look like for you? Learn how to make the most of your dress code at work.

Essential Accents. Identify the best choices for shoes, belts & ties and how to coordinate them for a more professional appearance.

Estimated time: 2 hours


Your Business Casual Best

SESSION 4 – Your Business Casual Best

Avoid Business Causalities! – Learn methods of looking well dressed in your casual looks with simple affordable solutions. Learn to shop and wear comfortable business clothes that can take you from the cubical to the boardroom.

Crossing Over the Line with Casual Matters – Learn the do’s and don’ts for your particular workplace and how to make use of your existing wardrobe to create appropriate casual looks.

Estimated time: 1 hour

Skin Care Clinic for Men & Women & Makeup Update for Women

SESSION 5  – Skin Care Clinic

The Skin Care Clinic for Men and Women.  Evaluations will help determine your skin’s deficiencies and guide in the selection of the best skin care systems to address those problems. Our skin knows no gender, but healthy skin is noticeable to all.

Healthy Skin – Discover Your Prescription for healthy and fresh looking skin. Skin care therapy formulas are based on the latest scientific research using the scientifically created Premiere Collections line of skin products formulated from top-quality, results-producing ingredients.

Makeup Update for Women. On-the-spot makeup critique for women employees features hands-on basic makeup application techniques to achieve a “natural” look that is up-to-date yet professional.

Estimated Time: 2 hours