Small-Size-Beyonce-Sexy-High-Heels-Entice-Red-Hot-08Today’s Feature:  Work Facts about Stockings

Not wearing stocking when it’s hot outside isn’t a mistake if you get to dress casually elegant at work. But if you are wearing an outfit that calls for stockings, put them on (working in air conditioning takes any excuse away)!

How do you know if your outfit calls for stockings? If you are wearing pumps (even open toes pumps), sling backs, a suit, a pant suit, or a dress that isn’t casual, wear stockings. Even many casual dresses look better with stockings. Also, if you are pretty much “all covered-up” (long sleeves, not much skin showing at the neck) bare legs look out of place.

If you don’t want to have to wear stockings when it is hot outside, make absolutely certain that your work environment will allow you to wear the type of clothing that goes with a no stocking look. And keep your feet, toenails, and legs beautifully groomed — no exceptions.


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