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You can learn to project a positive image that brings dramatic, positive changes into your life.

Think about the last time you encountered an individual with enhanced self-esteem and supreme self-confidence. People gravitate to these types of individuals, and it is these types who often become leaders in the business world. As a leading Image, Color & Skin Care Specialist in the Houston, TX area for three decades,  I have shared powerful techniques to help hundreds of people makeover their business and personal lives for the better. I can do the same for you regardless of your age, gender or profession.

For instance, I help men obtain a difficult-to-achieve impressive look I call “casual elegance.” Master this style and you will look “dressed up” and casual at the same time. I will analyze your current image and help you turbocharge it by recommending improvements, such as changes to your skin, makeup, wardrobe and color choices. Call me today to learn how you can transform your life by refining your image!

Deborah Noël – Image and Skin Care Specialist
Serving the Houston, TX Metro Area and beyond!
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