Today’s Feature:  Work Facts about Stockings Not wearing stocking when it's hot outside isn't a mistake if you get to dress casually elegant at work. But if you are wearing an outfit that calls for stockings, put them on (working in air conditioning takes any excuse away)! How do you know if your outfit calls [...] Continue Reading

    I read recently that the average female traveler packs 5 pairs of shoes! Guess that explains that. Smart tip: Hair color and skin color are the most versatile shoe colors. This concept is about shoes that go with YOU not your outfits. The two colors that are a part of every outfit you wear are […]

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  • Why Are My Eyes So Puffy? And What’s With Those Dark Circles??

    These may be the causes. Heredity  Inflammation  Using the wrong products around the eye  Placement of products around the eye Listen to hear more... https://fccdl.in/wyO2fjdQr   Continue Reading
  • BEAUTY BULLETIN Have you Wondered…

    Have you been asked about these most used, yet misunderstood cosmetic ingredients? The Skinny On: Witch Hazel  gets a lot of bad press, the truth is Witch Hazel is used in skin care formulations to encourage the prevention of cracked skin, oily skin, sun damaged skin, to reduce redness, acne and allergic reactions appearing on [...] Continue Reading
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Complexion Correction Face Serum w/ Sytenol®-A Question. What is The Difference between Premiere’s Essential Skin Care products and CCFS? Answer.  Essential Care works from the top down; Cleansers, Fresheners, Rinse, Toner, Moisturizer, Mask and Eye Care. These necessary products and their unique ingredientsare chosen and formulated to have a positive effect on surface layers of skin which […]

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  • Casual Elegance For Men

    Today’s Feature: Casual Elegance For Men The invitation reads Holiday Open House casual. Women aren’t the only ones who wonder what to wear. Many men, are comfortable putting together their business clothes, but find the dressed up but casual look a mystery to achieve. Creating casual elegance the It’s Your Image way is easy! The […]

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  • What Can I Do About These Enlarged Pores & Fine Lines?

     What Can I Do About These Enlarged Pores & Fine Lines?    Get the solutions that produce Immediate as well as Long-Term Results!  That means you will see a difference today, and a year from now! The longer you use this system the more refined your skin is, the more those fine lines are reduced [...] Continue Reading

    5 Categories of Key Skin Care Ingredients If we want to see the best results from the products we use they should contain these Categories for daily use. Category 1 : Vitamins Vitamin C – has amazing natural environmental protectors, Vitamin C is considered the best of all antioxidants.  Some of the Premiere products that contain [...] Continue Reading
  • Beauty Bulletin

    One of the oldest ingredients used in some of the newest and most innovative Skin Care products is Panthenol.  Panthenol plays an amazing role within the skin. Did you know for example… 1) it behaves as a humectant holding moisture within the skin 2) an effective Emollient softening skin, increasing skins ability to absorb other Vital ingredients. […]

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  • What has happened to the way We Clean Our Skin?

    https://itsyourimageonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Premiere-Collection-Cleansers-audio.mp3 Listen to hear more!   Cleanse Skin the Old Fashioned Way, The Premiere Way! There are 3 benefits to cleaning skin.  The first is to remove surface debris while Softening the skin.  The second benefit is to encourage a natural Exfoliation of the skins excess toxic dead cells. Those cells which create the appearance of fine lines, [...] Continue Reading