Skin Care Testimonials


“I’ve used the Premiere Collection products that Debbie customized for my skin for 2 years now with excellent results. My skin is naturally oily with large pores. As a result, I would get pimples and blemishes routinely, even at 59 years old. Debbie used the Premiere Collection designed  protocol for my skin and, since I’ve begun using these products, my skin problems have essentially disappeared. I use the Impact Facial Scrub instead of soap to clean my face. The scrub works so much better then soap, really getting into the pores and removing any oils. I use the Hydrating Comfort Mist after the scrub, then Celagen, finishing with Impact A.M. Moisturizer.

I use an electric razor and this protocol provides outstanding post shave cleaning, cooling and moisturizing. Best of all, my pimples and blemishes have disappeared”.

Ken Baton Rouge, LA


Partnership to better skin

“Deborah was gracious and knowledgeable, warmly welcoming me into her beautifully decorated and organized home office . Her expertise in the Premier skin care line was evident and her radiant skin proof of its effectiveness. She took time to explain the purpose of each product and guided me through the steps of the routine; allowing me to practice applying each product myself. This hands on approach paired with her natural teaching style made the experience much more meaningful than getting a traditional facial. Deborah worked with me to stay within my budget and I left with soft and glowing skin, an individualized regimen to follow with thorough instuctions and a bag full of products to get me started. I’m hopeful that as I do my part daily the products will work with my skin to keep it clean, hydrated and protected while in time, repairing and restoring it to the best it can be.”

Teri, Pearland, TX

Beautiful Skin

“It’s not very often a woman will say, “I love my skin!” However, I can truly say these words. I have used Premiere Complexion and Skin Care for at least 15 years and love my skin! Deborah has guided my journey toward beautiful skin by helping me chose the correct products for my skin. From the basic products to the newest “charcoal mask” Premiere products have made my nearly wrinkle free skin look wonderful! I highly recommend Deborah and It’s Your Image Premiere Complexion and Skin Care for your “beautiful skin!””

P.T.  Garland, TX

I have worked with Deborah & used the Premiere products for more than 10 years now, and with great results! She offers great advice & is such a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her services no matter your age or work position.

Lisa K, Houston TX

“Thank you for your response and advice.  I want to thank you for taking an interest in following up of my progress with your products.  I just realized that your business is not only selling skin care products but you also offer ongoing consultation — you can hardly find that in a mall.  I think you are doing an outstanding job.  You truly show concern and also enthusiasm in my progress and the use of products.  You are going to be a wonderful success.  I just thought I would share that with you.”

Cindy T.  Houston, TX

I received the Charcoal Mask for Christmas and frankly, it has been the best gift I have ever received!  After using the mask once a week for the last four weeks I can truly say “my skin is glowing!”  Really!  My eye doctor during a recent checkup remarked how great my face looked.  I just smiled and said, ” I use Premier Products and recently have been using their newest product, Charcoal Mask!”  She was impressed so I gave her Deborah’s name and contact information.

I urge you to try this mask as part of your skin care routine.  You will not be disappointed!  Thank you Deborah and Premier for introducing this outstanding product!

Sincerely, Sophia T.

I have used Super Activated Cleanser for over two years.  This product is concentrated so you only need about a dime size amount to cleanse your whole face and neck area.  I have also noticed less ingrown hairs on my neck area after shaving. I highly recommend this cleanser.  It leaves your skin feeling fresh without that tight, dry feeling the way other cleansers or soaps do.  Thanks

Wayne, Dallas TX

Image Consulting Testimonials


Color & Personal Shopping

Walked in a skeptic, walked out a believer.

“I walked in a skeptic. A few hours later I left with a new way to look at clothes, their colors and patterns. My only regret is waiting so long to get this kind of education.”

R. B. – Waller, TX

Life without Deborah…..I can’t imagine…

“I’ve known Deborah for over 25 years and can hardly remember the time when I was not consulting her on wardrobe, personal shopping, closet planning, make-up, skin care…..the whole works. Whether it has been for the occasional make-over or just answers to simple questions, she has always been there for me and is the person I’ve turned to. She has never disappointed me. The customized color spectrum alone has saved me endless mistakes and unnecessary expenses and is absolutely, the single biggest cost saver I can think of. Going shopping with my own personalized colors in hand makes the experience so much less complicated and after so many years, I have developed a “sixth sense” when I can often act on my own. As an added bonus….once home, I know that those recent purchases will be compatible with what is already in the closet. Life without Deborah…..I can’t imagine”.    p.s. In this picture, Carolyn was in her 80’s!  She’s still using Premiere Products as she has stepped into the 90’s!  I am so proud of her!  Deborah

Carolyn – Houston, TX

My new image is based on the science of color

“Deborah has made a big difference in my life.  She introduced me to a new way of dressing and in so doing opened my eyes to seeing a more beautiful, attractive and confident me!  Now, whenever I go out in public, strangers approach me just to complement my outfit.  This never happened to me before Deborah.  Even if you don’t buy anything new, and if she works with only what you already have, she creates amazing new looks.

Unbelievable as this will sound; my new image is based on the science of color.

Deborah… always creates “WOW” looks for me

I don’t think there is ANYONE, anywhere with the talent and expertise of Deborah, who always creates “WOW” looks for me.

On top of all this, Deborah is a dear person who always has time to advise her clients if they have a problem or question”.

Linda R.